How to make paper flowers out of tissue paper

How to make paper flowers out of tissue paper, Tissue paper flowers make a gorgeous budget wedding centerpiece learn how to make four different types of tissue paper flowers.

A demonstration of how to make flowers from tissue paper blogged at http://feelingfuzzyblogspotcom come by and visit the paper. How can the answer be improved.

1 start with two full sheets of tissue paper in the colors of your preference one pink and one yellow tissue paper were used for this demonstration.

This morning, after finishing up decorating the mantel, i realized that i should show you how to make tissue paper flowers, before i share what we did with the st.

Here are 101 ideas to make your own beautiful paper flowers 101 different ways to make paper flowers tissue flowers. Place the tissue paper stack in front of you portrait style take the bottom edge and fold in over one inch then flip it over and fold it back on the other side continue folding your way up the paper one inch at a time when you are done folding your tissue paper stack should look like an accordion.

These tissue paper flowers turn out surprisingly realistic for decorations, or a centerpiece, or you can make colourful napkin rings with a pop of color.

How to make paper flowers out of tissue paper
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